NRV & Gate Valve Replacement

Project Overview

The client contacted Mechanica to tender for the replacement of the non-return valves, gate valves and all associated fixings and joints. The existing valves were faulty and therefore draining back the line after the initial pumping process had finished. This triggered the whole pump process prematurely, and putting undue pressure on the pumps during process, causing the VJ coupling in the wet well to fail. Spraying high pressure water to the top of the well, the milltronics provided false readings to the control room.


Project Workscope & Completion

Offering the best value solution, Mechanica were awarded the project. Utilising M&E confined space teams, complete with full working breathing apparatus, Mechanica successfully changed the VJ coupling (one at a time) in the wet well which gained control of the station. The second part of the project was to change both the isolation valve and non-return valve on each leg of the pipe work. This was carried out live, utilising our tried and tested inline blanking method, which meant we were able to achieve a safe isolation and complete the task, thus saving the client considerable cost avoiding tankers and over pumping.