Motor Refurbishment & Rewinds

As one of our core services, Mechanica Utilities Ltd offer the removal, dismantle, inspection, refurbishment , rewinds and re-installation of all types of Motors. For example;

  • DC
  • AC
  • Slip ring
  • Commutator
  • Singe phase
  • Cap start run
  • Atex rated
  • Submersible

Mechanica M&E site teams, complete with fully trained engineers (CSCS / Water Hygiene / Confined Space etc) attend site with a full suite of approved Health & Safety paperwork. Motors are then removed, with contract lift craneage (if required). Once in our workshop motors are dismantled, cleaned and inspected, with a detailed photographic report issued which explains the condition found and work required. Once agreed, the motors are refurbished, which can include rewinding the stator, and then the rotating element is dynamically balanced to the required British Standard. On completion of the refurbishment, Mechanica M&E engineers return to site and install / commission, complete with vibration and themographic checks.