Achilles UVDB Registered

Achilles UVDB is a method by which an organisation, such as Mechanica, can see and be seen by thousands of buyers in the Utilities Sector. It acts as a central repository for tenders and supplier selection for some of the biggest names in the utilities industry. The Verify level allows Mechanica to store demonstrable evidence of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality capabilities and ultimately saves the company time and effort when pre-qualifying for Safety Critical tenders. The benefits of Achilles UVDB Membership are 1.) Directly showcasing our capability profile to 80 sector organisations and over 3000 buyers; 2.) Completing a single online questionnaire to save money and time in repetitive pre-qualification; 3.) Gain new and existing business through a fair, open and transparent selection process; 4.) Generate competitive presence and awareness through a 24/7 online search portal; 5.) Register and update your company information in a secure environment. Achilles enables communities of buyers and suppliers to build better business relationships through a more open, trusting and proactive approach.