Filter Bed Arm Modification

Project Overview

The client contacted Mechanica to tender for the replacement of filter bed distribution arms, as the existing arms were inconsistent with their bed pattern (this has the potential to cause problems with process and consent).


Project Workscope & Completion

Offering the best value solution, Mechanica were awarded the project. The new filtration bed arms were specifically designed by Mechanica to evenly distribute water over the filter bed media, and with arms that were 75% lighter than the existing, they also reduced the load on the centre column bearing – this prolongs the life of the bearing. To convert the existing centre column (imperial) and accept the new filter bed arms (metric), Mechanica designed and manufactured an adaptor flange to suit the four arms. As part of the commissioning, Mechanica also re-tensioned the stainless steel cables, and where necessary, fitted new turnbuckles and shackles.