Spare Part Re-Engineering

Project Overview

The client contacted Mechanica to tender for the overhaul of a shaft driven pump, that was deemed damaged and worn beyond repair (with parts that were unable to be sourced, as the pump was now obsolete).


Project Workscope & Completion

Offering the best value solution, Mechanica were awarded the project. Demonstrating Mechanica’s technical service and capabilities, a 3D scan of the old impeller was sourced (even though it was badly corroded and worn), and drawings were then produced for manufacture. Issued to a third party foundary, the castings were manufactured and machined to the correct tolerences. Our second challenge was the wear plate, that was completely destroyed. Mechanica procured a raw cut profile of steel and machined it to the correct dimensions, and drilled in our machine shop. On completion, the impeller was dynamically balanced, ready to be issued to the client.