Core Drilling

Project Overview

The client contacted Mechanica to tender for the work to enlarge the capacity of the wet well, by core drilling the dividing wall between the wet well and an old redundant storm holding tank. The wall thickness was 450mm, with heavy duty rebar within the concrete wall.


Project Workscope & Completion

Offering the best value solution, Mechanica were awarded the project. The client requested that the core drilling was undertaken at the lowest point within the wet well, therefore maximising the full capacity of the old redundant storm holding tank. Mechanica M&E site teams attended site, with full confined space equipment, set up the core drilling equipment and proceeded to core drill a 200mm core through the dividing wall, whilst maintaining the normal operation of the pumping station. On the final break through, the wall of the wet well was pumped down utilising one of the onsite pumps, and therefore the final section was completed in a controlled and safe manner.